Every project from start to finish at Navinyam is taken care with attention to detail and panache. Regardless of the nature of project, Residential, Commercial, Conventional or Assorted our able designers focus mainly on the design and strategy combined with well thought research. Because we understand your thought process and our objective is to deliver what you desire maybe more.

And that’s what makes us stand apart from the rest; we at Navinyam invest time to envisage your vision and purpose of your project to help you realize your dream in best possible way.
Our primary phase is to strategize and spend time in putting our skills, experience and design knowledge to transform your concept into reality. We are believing only on good design makes a good project hence our primary aim to come up with exceptional design and strategy.
Programming is the preliminary but one of the most significant and imperative segment of an interior design project. The designer is required to probe and ask the right questions while focus on more of observing and understanding the concept and to determine and lay out the strategy, objectives and timelines etc of the project and convey it to Clients. Like a Mindhunter at work, the designer identifies and evaluates information to understand the requirements in order to offer the preeminent solutions.

Starting from Client requirement information, Site visit, Innovative Design, Re-evaluation and Execution, Programming is where we invest most of our time.
A very significant stage of any interior design project is the feasibility study and planning it. Because with virtue of its results we will decide whether it is feasibleto your project. We embark on widespread study and research about your organization before even we think about anything else, our assessment team analysis your existing environment to come up with design possibilities.

The above research includes study about space optimization, energy conservation, environmental preservation, and your brand image also personnel experience. Another important factor in Feasibility planning is identifying the project timeline and mark all possible pitfalls and red alerts. After which we vigilantly make a detailed analysis and provide you with a report with our suggestions and recommendations to help you make a sound decision. Below is the design cycle.
Site evaluation - Interior design proposal- Breakdown of costs - Project time line - Expected outcomes
Space planning for your office or even home is tricky and complicated process. And because it’s that intricate a procedure you require a professional with extensive knowledge and far reaching expertise in interior design as well as industry knowledge about your vertical and business.
We offer services to various types of verticals including commercial and noncommercial.

So Regardless of what your business or field of expertise or space is, we promise to provide complete and maximum functional spaces as per your requirements. We craft space plans based on your concept needs and customize them. Our focus is on providing more storage sections, optimize and improve functionality and adaptability, use more resourcefulness and make use of the open spaces to maximum.
At Navinyam our designers and artists help you curate customized or on sale home and office decor by providing pre-styled Artworks and designer Artifacts. We have numerous stylish and elegant packages that you can handpick to provide fine touches to your decor and attain the style you wish.
Every artwork is chosen carefully by our well-informed interior designers and artists to make certain that each part of a set works together to create a environment that is both organized and fashionable at the same time. You can also get customized artwork made as per your concept or idea to fit your décor.
You already have a project in development and need a third-party assessment then Navinyam is a trusted consultant for you. We come with a non-biased assessment to validate and verify the process and check and inspect the materials, methodology used, instructions followed, technology etc.
We also identify and correct hazardous conditions to control activities in order to identify potential problems further to prevent any failure and disqualification of the project.